Decisive Battle Pacific
Conqure the ocean
with the most armored battlships
The latest expected AAA Naval-battle game has been online, adding multi-lines fighting to its traditional single-line fighting! The game combines different warships to create its unique naval fleet! As the commander of the fleet, your mission is to strike enemy’s warship and to save your territorial sea! Each fighting is a kind of unique experience!
Twilight for the Gods
the First Real-war Real-time Multiplayer
Strategic Mobile Game in the World
"Twilight for the Gods" is a real-war real-time multiplayer strategic mobile game, which is a masterpiece among various new generation mobile online games and has perfectly integrated the true representation of wars and strategies. It features the transplantation of the traditional web game experiences into the mobile phone. It utilizes the convenience of the mobile phone and makes up for the deficiency of the traditional web games on human-computer interaction.
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